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Friday, June 21, 2024

Goals of the Navajo Nation Library

The goals of the Navajo Nation Library will provide access to information by establishing the following goals:

  1. Manage and implement a cost-efficient main library and branch libraries, for services to residents of the Navajo Nation and others interested in the Navajo people, their land and culture.
  2. Provide residents of the Navajo Nation with print and digital access to resources and materials to meet the educational, informational, and cultural needs of all age levels.
  3. Work with tribal government offices, community groups, chapters and other organizations to support the continued growth, development and access to the Navajo Nation Library services and resources.
  4. Facilitate and administer improvements for public access to the Internet and digital resources of the Navajo Nation
  5. Inspire learning and empower all ages by providing a nurturing environment that seeks to increase knowledge, competence, and performance.


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