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Friday, July 12, 2024

Gale Resources


Gale Database is a robust database that provides a variety of connection into different sources of information, with your library card, you can connect and look at what you need: from automotive repair to finding authentic articles or do you need a children's site that will provide information too? Gale will be useful!

El Portal – NM Web Portal

Collection of online resources available to everyone in New Mexico. It includes research databases, magazine and journal articles, and more.

New Mexico State Library Catalog

If you are in the State of New Mexico, it is FREE to use the resources provided by the state library! If you are in the Santa Fe area, you have access to the state library physical materials.


Provides live online tutoring and homework help in English and Spanish, along with access to quizzes, lessons, and standardized tests for all ages


SALSA is a consortium of libraries. When you search SALSA you search the combined catalogs of all of them. Use the “Switch to another branch…” box in the upper right of this screen to choose whether to search all of SALSA or just one library.

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